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Insights & Encouragement

The Pastor-Elders use this page to share spiritual encouragement, insights, and announcements.

Insights & Encouragement

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Back to School! What does that mean?


It may come as a surprise that we do have an official view on the subject of home schooling, Christian schooling, or public schooling....

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Various Quotes

Various quotes...

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Fall is Prime-Time for Neighborhood Evangelism


This time of year is better than most for becoming intentional with neighborhood evangelism....

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Praying in Jesus' Name...

Praying in Jesus' Name......

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Dry Bones and our Role to revive them

Pray, Plan, Follow Through and repeat....

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It's About Relationships

For many Christians, a primary reason evangelism is intimidating is that they do not have a context to share their faith....

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BRAG about our Great Savior!

I loved the irony of that phrase in Matt Smethurst's article linked below. We do indeed boast in our weakness and his greatness. What do YOU think about your Savior? People really need to know! Read this brief challenge and pray for yourself and your brothers and sisters at Orchard this week, that we would all be bragging about Jesus! 3 Ways to Share the Gospel This Week ...

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Evangelism at Home and Through Bible Reading

"It is good for our hearts to break for Africa, for Asia, for South America. It is good for seeds to be planted by passionate believers in the fertile soil of distant lands. But I pray that hearts might also break for the suburbs, and that God would raise up faithful men and women who will till where the ground is rocky and unforgiving, believing for a harvest that could o...

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2016 Areas of Focus (Part 1 - Holiness)

Each year the elders select areas of focus, in prayerful consideration of how the Lord is leading us as a church in obedience to Him. Our two areas for 2016 are outreach and holiness....

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2016 Areas of Focus (Part 2

Let's recognize there are people all around us created in the image of God - just like you and me. They may be interesting or they may be strange - just like you and me. They may have problems in their marriage, problems in their jobs, problems with their kids - just like you and me. And they desperately need Jesus… (Just like you and me)...

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