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The Pastor-Elders use this page to share spiritual encouragement, insights, and announcements.

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Pick up your light

Pick up your light! A new pastor arrived in town and one of the families at his church wanted to get to know him. So, they invited him over to lunch after church. They wanted to impress him so, they got out their finest china and silverware. As they visited, they made sure to recount all the ways in which they served and ministered at their church. A few months later t...

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Pastor Reflection - Ben

Why Moms Rule This Sunday is Mother's Day. The day when we honor our mothers, show our gratitude, and, of course, take them out to eat. Well going out to eat won't happen this year, but hopefully next year Texas Roadhouse's across the US will be slammed because it's one ofourfavorite places to eat (Dad's note: that's a joke. Donottake your wife to Texas Roadhouse for Moth...

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What the Bible really says about sharing the Gospel...

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Be a Gospel Neighbor

Here is an excellent article on being a gospel neighbor, very much in line with eternally focused friendships....

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Being Completely Forgiven

A great article by H.B. Charles on being completely forgiven...

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There is Blessing in Struggle

We have come to believe that everything in life should be easy and intuitive. But are we missing out on the real blessing of struggle?...

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