The Briefing

The Briefing


A daily 20-25 minute audio recorded analysis of news and events from a Christian Worldview from Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.



Helpful articles on Church, Culture, Theology, and Christian Living produced by a global coalition of Christian writers and thinkers. Founded by Tim Keller and DA Carson.



Free audio of sermons from preachers all over the world.



Christian counseling education foundation, many resources like ACBC.

 ACBC Logo   

This is a good place to look for resources to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ, neighbors or family members in the myriad of struggles that they might be facing.  How does the Bible address a given problem?  Check out this website.



The website of author and blogger Tim Challies, who links to articles and resources from other websites in a single place. Challies also writes many thoughtful book reviews, and keeps you informed about current Christian books on sale and Kindle deals.


Free audio bible classes, with extensive education on biblical and theological studies, including classes for new believers up to Seminary level courses.

rooted ministry


Gospel centered resources for youth and ministry to youth.  Parents and youth leaders check this stuff out.

bible project


Great content, very useful for evangelism and kids engagement with devotions.


Short reflections by Nate Ayres on biblical truths that resonate in our minds and souls, amplifying our true devotion to God.