Why Moms Rule

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  The day when we honor our mothers, show our gratitude, and, of course, take them out to eat.  Well going out to eat won’t happen this year, but hopefully next year Texas Roadhouse’s across the US will be slammed because it’s one of our favorite places to eat (Dad’s note: that’s a joke.  Do not take your wife to Texas Roadhouse for Mother’s Day, unless it is one of her favorite places…remember it’s her day.)

We owe so much to our mothers – most visibly is our lives, but just as significantly a sense of gentleness and peace, and maybe even calm. 

Proverbs 31 is the ‘go-to’ passage for womanhood, a holy laundry list of ways in which she will be praised in the gates.  Over 22 verses, the author paints the picture of the ideal woman.  Aspirational to be sure, but nevertheless helpful and inspiring.  So, in honor of our mothers, I’ve compiled this list of 22 ways in which moms rule:

  1. Moms go above and beyond.
  2. Moms are a source of comfort. 
  3. Moms make a house a home.
  4. Moms shape us in ways we don’t always see.
  5. Moms bear God’s image.
  6. Moms transmit the gospel to us through their words and actions: we are sinners saved by God’s grace.
  7. Moms are sinners saved by grace themselves.
  8. Moms aren’t perfect, but they rest in the grace of God.
  9. Moms put themselves second.
  10. Moms keep the household going.
  11. Moms impart wisdom for living.
  12. Moms have the most to do with the day-to-day, nitty gritty of raising children. 
  13. Moms’ love has many expressions: hugs & kisses, laundry & dinner, correction & exhortation.
  14. Moms seek the best of their children and for their children.
  15. Moms’ cooking can’t be beat.  And now, more than ever, Mom’s cooking never stops!
  16. Moms’ prayer is a blanket of heavenly protection and godly provision.
  17. Moms have the best listening ear.
  18. Moms walk the long road with their children.
  19. Moms are their children’s greatest advocates.
  20. Moms know and love each child as unique individuals.
  21. Moms bear many heavy burdens on behalf of their children.
  22. Moms need rest. 

So, dads and children, help carry the load a little more today.  Show her how much you love and cherish her.  With your words and actions, show her the sacrificial love of Jesus.