September 3, 2017


Preacher: Geoff Uhlemann Series: Gifts and Marks of Spiritual Life Passage: Romans 12:9–16


Summary of Passage

Christian Characteristics of Sincere Love. Concerning…

  • Evil: abhor it
  • Good: bond to it
  • Honor: esteem one another
  • Diligence: not lazy or hesitant
  • Motivation: boiling over
  • The Lord: bond-service
  • Hope: with rejoicing
  • Tribulation: with patience
  • Prayer: constant
  • Christian needs: sharing in them
  • Love of strangers: aggressively pursue

Bless persecutors.  Rejoice with rejoicing ones, weep with weeping ones.

Live in harmony – not proud, but with the lowly.


  1. Behavior Anchored in Theology (12:1-2)



  1. Characteristics of Our Passage (12:9-16)
  • Practical
  • High expectations
  • Bullets for love
  • Apostolic Application


  1. Sincere Love & Brotherly Affection (12:9-10, 12-14, 16)
  • Called to be tenderly loving, kindly affectionate to – real feeling
  • ALL believers - our corporate witness. Practical Steps
    • Start small
    • Pray for the Spirit’s power
    • Be humble
    • Prefer one another
    • Remember they are family
    • Participate in their needs
    • Pursue hospitality – know them


  1. The Indispensability of Diligence & Fervency (12:11)
  • There is urgency in doing God’s work – get psyched
  • It is freeing to be the Lord’s bond-servant
  • Diligence is not optional, but varies with life’s stages/seasons
  • At you at your bandwidth?
  • Fervency enables diligence. What are you enthusiastic about?


  1. A Test of True Love – Rejoice & Weep (12:15)
  • An extension of loving others as yourself
  • The greater difficulty of rejoicing
    • Combating your selfish
    • Amidst your morning
  • It’s about family favor, not fairness
  • Be honest, be sensitive, be sincere


Our Strength?  The Hope of the Gospel

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