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Dear Orchard Family,

On March 13th Governor Polis has asked for cancellation of large gatherings until further notice. Our Sunday morning assembly falls into this category. Out of love for neighbors and submission to our authority, we will NOT be gathering corporately as a community this Sunday.  All Sunday gatherings for this week are cancelled (e.g. Missions Prayer and SN@O will also NOT be held at Orchard this Sunday). Regarding Orchard hosted mid-week activities and future Sundays, please stay tuned.

However, the sermon will be recorded on Saturday and made available on our website by Sunday AM. Please print out the attached handout that will make the sermon much easier to follow. We will also send out a link to the audio when available. We encourage you to listen together as a family or smaller group, and be thinking of creative ways you can fill the morning with worship. We can still be the body of Christ and practice "one-anothering" apart from gathering corporately on Sunday. Some have already suggested meeting as home groups, or other smaller gatherings to worship together and listen to the sermon on Sunday. Please see "Additional information for those most at risk" at the bottom of this email for guidance.

Please be in prayer for our local and national leaders who are making complex decisions about many things during a time like this.  They need our prayers and they need the Lord's help and guidance.  We have no need to be fearful or filled with worry, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7). Instead we are called to love well and be prepared. Don't worry about trouble, be prepared for trouble.  

Regarding future weeks and activities, we will send more information when available. Please reach out if you have questions.

Fear not! Jesus is King!

Thank you
the Elders

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on those most at risk:
We need to take our safety and our "neighbors" safety very seriously given the statistics about COVID-19 transmission and how lethal it can be to certain at-risk individuals.  Our motivation is love and we need to be prepared.  For nearly 80% of the population this virus is rarely lethal.  For the other 20% it is dangerously lethal.  With minimal or no side effects in some of the 80%ers, it is very important that the 20%ers are considered when thinking through the details for our assembly.  If any signs of sickness, please stay home, as should anyone in your household.  

The Pastors have contacted those at Orchard who are in an at risk category.  If you were not contacted but you fit into the at risk category below please use extreme caution when deciding whether or not to gather with others and know that medical experts are recommending you stay inside your house unless absolutely necessary to go out and even that it would be wise for you to have someone bring food and other necessities to your house for you.

Who is most at risk:
Health conditions including but not limited to:
Blood disorders
Lung disease (Severe Asthma, COPD)
Heart disease
Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic Liver Disease
Compromised Immune System
Current or recent pregnancy (in the last two weeks)
Endocrine disorders (Diabetes
Metabolic disorders
Neurological, neurologic, and neurodevelopment conditions
Many publications also indicate being over the age 65-70 as putting you in the at-risk category.