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June 10, 2018 Preacher: Rick Carmickle Series: Jude

Passage: Jude 1:5–1:16

“The Dangers of Apostasy”

Jude 5-16
Rick Carmickle

June 10, 2018


God’s Judgment on the Apostates

Jude warns believers to beware of false teachers who will lead them astray. Apostates, those who have fallen away from God’s truth, are now enticing others into their doctrines that lead to destruction. Many believers were tempted by false teachers whose promises sounded “better” than God’s word. The same temptations seduce the unwary today. Faithlessness. Rebelliousness. Sensuousness. Times have not really changed. The “new morality” is really several millennia old. So Jude’s warnings to the church of the first century speaks to us in the twenty-first century.


Examples from the Past

1. The Faithless Israelites (v. 5)
(Exodus 32, Numbers 14)


2. The Rebellious Angels (v. 6)
(Genesis 6:1-4; 1 Enoch 6-19; 2 Baruch 56:10–16)


3. The Sensuous City of Sodom and Gomorrah (v. 7)
(Genesis 19)


Examples from the “Present”
With their “dreams,” the Apostates claim divine revelation to . . .
4. Justify sexual licentiousness (v. 8)


5. Reject God’s proper authority (v. 8)


6. Challenge celestial beings (v. 8)


Illustration: Michael the Archangel (v. 9-10)
(The Testament of Moses)


Pictures of the Apostates


Pictures from Scripture
7. Cain (v. 11)
(Genesis 4)


8. Balaam (v. 11)
(Numbers 22, 25, 31)


9. Korah’s Rebellion (v. 11)
(Numbers 16)


Pictures from Nature


10. Hidden Reefs (v. 12)


11. Waterless Clouds (v. 12)


12. Fruitless Trees (v. 12)


13. Wild waves (v. 13)


14. Wandering Stars (v. 13)
Enoch’s Prophecy

• The Prophecy: Judgment on the Ungodly (v. 14-15)
(1 Enoch)

• Application to Apostates (v. 16)


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