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Unceasing Anguish in My Heart

As we seek out and pray for the lost, consider these 5 penetrating questions from James M. Boice. He challenges us to have the heart of the Apostle Paul who prayed for his fellow Jews that were not saved:
"I have great sorrow and UNCEASING ANGUISH in my heart..." (Romans 9:2)

1. DO YOU anguish over others?
If not, is it because we believe they are not perishing? Do we believe the gospel? Do we want to be like Jesus? Like Paul?

2. DO YOU anguish over those closest to you: family, neighbors, friends?
Paul grieved with a special sorrow for those closest to him.

3. DO YOU anguish over your enemies?
Paul's sorrow was also for those who were his avowed enemies. God loved us while we were "enemies" (Rom 5:10)

4. DO YOU anguish over those who are great sinners?
Paul grieved for a group of great sinners. If you do not grieve, is it because you do not consider yourself one of them?

5. DO YOU anguish over those who have great privileges?
Jews of Paul's day possessed great privileges from God, yet were rejecting his love in Christ. Do we grieve not only for the downtrodden and unfortunate, but also for those who are spiritually privileged and yet unsaved? They need the gospel too.

Let the sins of others grieve us. Let the fate that hangs over them be often on our minds. If it is, we will speak often of Jesus, who was actually accursed for those who should believe in him.
Do you anguish over the lost people in your life? Let us pray for wisdom and courage to speak about Jesus to them!

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